Joseph M Bryan

Joseph M. Bryan, Sr.


Joseph Bryan

Joseph M. Bryan, a well-known Greensboro businessman and philanthropist, was a sports enthusiast and particularly skilled as a fisherman and a target shooter. Bryan supported a wide range of sporting venues in Greensboro and was particularly known for his love of golf. He was an early member of the Augusta National Golf Club. The Greensboro Jaycees approached Bryan in 1937 to assist in guaranteeing the purse of the first Greater Greensboro Open PGA Tournament, which took place in 1938. Bryan later became Honorary General Chairman for the golf tournament, now known as the Wyndham Championship. In 1971, the City of Greensboro named Bryan Park, a new municipal golf complex, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan. Bryan was instrumental in adding the Bryan Park Soccer Complex to the facility which is regarded as one of the finest in the country. Fishing and shooting were also among Bryan’s favorite pastimes. Bryan particularly liked to salmon fish in Canada and was an award-winning marlin fisherman. Whether in the United States or in Europe, he could be found among the world’s elite shooters.

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